MaintenX International Gives Landscaping Advice to Local Companies to Fight the Summer Heat

Blooming flowers, lush lawns and thriving trees are all a great way to invite customers into your building. However, Florida’s harsh summers can be tough on your location’s landscaping. MaintenX International wants to help local companies keep their grounds green this summer without breaking the bank.

“Creating a healthy and flourishing outdoor landscape for your business can be a difficult task during the summer months,” said Mary Ann Velez, MaintenX’s Director of National Service. “Between extreme summer temperatures and storm season at an all-time high, it’s easy to think your landscapes will suffer. But with the proper practices, you can ensure your exterior scenery prospers all season long.”

For more than 30 years, MaintenX and its network of highly trained professionals have helped local facilities with their landscaping needs. Below are a few top tips:

1.    Water Early

Summer delivers hot and humid temperatures. To make the most out of your irrigation routine, water your plants as close to sunrise as possible. This will prevent water from evaporating in the summer heat or flooding plants at night. This solution will maximize irrigation usage and keep your water bills down.

2.    Highlight High-Risk Areas

It’s important to identify certain landscaping areas that are prone to intense sunlight or flooding. Knowing which areas need extra attention throughout the season will help you prevent ruined plants or bushes and save you the cost of replacing them.

3.    Prune Periodically

You want your plants and shrubs to stay lush during summer, but you don’t want your landscaping to look overgrown. Trim, prune and cut back your greenery to keep your building’s curb appeal inviting.

4.    Plant trees

Planting trees on your property offers you a host of benefits. Not…

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