Magna Entertainment Enters Into Strategic Alliance with Independent Concert Promoter Parachute Concerts

Magna Entertainment has entered into a strategic alliance with independent concert promoter Parachute Concerts to drive consistent growth of high-quality live events by iconic artists.

Co-founded by Ilario Altamura and Ross Atamian in 2015, Parachute Concerts is the product of nearly 10 years of success in the concert industry. After producing almost 200 events, ranging from nightclubs to arenas, Altamura and Atamian launched Parachute Concerts in 2015 to bring legendary acts to venues across the Northeast.

Thanks to longstanding industry relationships, the duo has produced events with I Love The 90’s Tour, Tony Bennett, AVICII, Ringo Starr, Carol Burnett and more. Over the coming months, Parachute is producing shows by beloved acts such as Aretha Franklin, Ja Rule & Ashanti, and Yanni.

In collaboration with Magna Entertainment, Parachute will accelerate the launch of new event formats and leverage Magna’s network of talent and corporate partners. “Magna Entertainment’s activities across the media industry provide numerous synergies. We’re excited by this partnership and are expecting a busy 2018,” said Altamura.

“We’ve been impressed by Parachute Concerts’ impeccable track record and dedication to the artists they work with. Ilario and Ross are exceptional entrepreneurs and are highly regarded by industry participants across their target markets. We’re looking forward to working closely together to produce high-quality live events for years to come,” said Andrew Kotliar of Magna Entertainment.

Since 2013, Magna Entertainment has partnered with outstanding creators and entrepreneurs to support projects across music, film, TV, and digital content markets.

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