M-Files Launches Certified Application Partner (CAP) Program

Certified Application Partners receive the support they need to build and promote their solutions broadly, while our resellers and customers gain assurance that CAP program members have met M-Files standards for technical excellence and customer service,

M-Files Corporation, a provider of solutions that dramatically improve how organizations manage documents and other information, today launched its Certified Application Partner program designed to certify and support developers of customized applications that leverage M-Files.

An increasing number of M-Files partners develop applications that focus on specific business needs, such as those associated with various vertical industries, business process automation and integrations with other core business systems. Such applications include solutions for electronic forms management, document capture, connectors with ERP and accounting systems, case management, contract management and others. The M-Files Certified Application Partner program helps partners who develop applications that leverage M-Files with both technical and marketing support to maximize their success.

M-Files partners typically create customized applications by utilizing one of four APIs:

1. The M-Files UI Extensibility Framework, which allows developers to create enhanced user experiences and interfaces

2. A RESTful API that provides developers with HTTP access to M-Files services

3. A Microsoft COM and .NET API

4. The Intelligent Connector API that simplifies the integration of structured and unstructured information systems

The Certified Application Partner program helps the M-Files partner network by providing direct technical support from M-Files engineers. Partners can also take advantage of a…

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