Lowenstein & Weatherwax Named Top 3 Performing Law Firm In IPR Patent Defense

“We believe this finding reflects the care, skill and devotion our team provides to every single matter and client, as well as our overall ‘David vs. Goliath’ approach to patent owner defense,”

Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP, a leading boutique patent law firm, was named by Patexia, a global community of patent attorneys, patent agents, scientists, inventors and IP professionals, as achieving the third highest success rate in the United States among patent owner counsel in inter partes review (IPR) and related proceedings before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Patexia specializes in analyzing and visualizing data regarding US patents, including applications, enforcement, and patent office litigation. To determine the nation’s top-performing IP counsel in patent office litigations (including IPRs, CBMs, and PGRs) Patexia analyzed 713 law firms that served as counsel for patent owners in at least 25 IPR proceedings in 2012-2016. Patexia’s analysis found that Lowenstein & Weatherwax achieved a 74 percent success rate for its patent owner clients. L&W’s success was particularly impressive given that, as Patexia’s study observed, “in general the success rates on the patent owner side is much lower compared to the petitioner side” in such proceedings.

IPRs and their kindred proceedings have become central to almost all enforcements of patent rights since their inception in 2012. These findings demonstrate both L&W’s consistent success since the 2012 creation of these proceedings and the firm’s leading position among the growing ranks of IPR practitioners. “We are very proud to have achieved this conspicuous success rate, particularly given our relatively small size and the fact that we founded this firm only five years…

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