Lora Hoglund’s New Book “Conquer” is the Dramatic Story of One Woman’s Unsettling Year, Her Desire for a Fresh Start, and the Unexpected Consequences of Her Actions

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Lora Hoglund, a native Texan and animal lover who loves nothing more than spending time with family and friends and settling down with a good book, has completed her new book “Conquer”: a potent drama in which the mundane issues of marital discord are eclipsed by kidnapping, suicide, and a struggle for survival.

The past year has been unsettling for Robin. First, the divorce of her parents after almost forty years of marriage, and then her husband’s job, which has consumed every second of his life, not leaving much room for their relationship. With her husband’s job transferring them to Corpus Christi, Robin must make a decision: should she move again and start a new life or divorce her husband and start all over again?

She plans a trip to Corpus to look at houses with a short detour along the way—a community called Conquer where her mother now resides in hopes that her mother can offer guidance in the future of her life. After making, what she suspects, a wrong turn and a little car trouble, she arrives at Conquer. No cell phone service, strange people, and unable to locate her mom, she stops for lunch to figure out her next move. Little did she know it would be the last thing she would remember until later, much later. She wakes that evening to find she’s been held captive, against her will, and must abide by their rules in order to survive.

As time goes by, she makes new friends. Some close, some distant. The one that gives her new hope is Charles, the man who reminds her of her husband—the man she married, not the man she was married to. Through time, feelings would grow between them, feelings they couldn’t leave behind.

People disappear, a suicide happens, a dead body is found. All Robin knows is she must get out, but who can she trust? It would…

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