Lockable Notice Boards: To Buy Or Not?

There are many advantages offered by lockable notice boards that make them an ideal choice for outdoor displays. Their PVC glazed doors that can be locked and galvanised aluminium frames make them better than other varieties of notice boards.

No wonder there are several varieties of notice boards available in the market. You can have any of them to meet both your preferences as well as interior (or exterior) decor. Amidst a wide range that includes free standing, wall mounted, cork or felt, combination, magnetic/ non magnetic, wooden styles, unframed/ framed, fire-resistant or even letter boards you can have whatever suits your requirements the best. However, for any type of outdoor display the lockable notice boards make an ideal choice as they do help you at preventing tampering or wreckage. They, as a matter of fact, offer several other advantages that make them smarter than any other variety of planks.

For instance, in comparison to cork or felt notice boards that may tarnish under foul weather conditions such boards come with rubber gaskets that prevent from water drops dripping into the frames and spoiling your expensive (in any case) poster graphics. Thus, even if there is downpour you may not have to worry about bringing them inside. They further have PVC glazed doors that help at keeping hold of UV rays entering into the frame and fading away the posters.

You could even lock the doors from outside (the Lockable Notice Boards come with a lock and a set of keys) and prevent fiddling. In case you want to exhibit your marketing message outside your retail outlet or a message outside community centre or a Sunday Service message outside the church, you can do so without worry. Your message or for that matter any advertisement will remain safe behind the locked PVC doors and none would be able to fiddle with them. In fact, only the person who would have hold on to the keys will be able to change the message as and when required.

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