Legitimate File Sharing Demands Good P2P Software

Most people automatically think of illegal file sharing when they think of P2P software, but the fact that some people do use such software illegally doesn’t alter the fact that the technology is legal and widely used in legitimate applications. For example, P2P software is used for getting the latest copies of open source projects like Linux distributions, and applications like OpenOffice.

The World of Warcraft patch downloader uses P2P sharing, and Amazon uses a file sharing protocol interface for storage and data distribution. There are also many large scale research projects (like genome mapping) that use P2P distribution for large data sets. Clearly the technology is extremely useful.

With old school downloads, there was a master server (or a set of master servers) where a file would be placed that everyone would download it from. This type of setup is easy to overload if a lot of people want to download the file. But P2P software, such as Ares Galaxy software, is different. It is based on the concept that many machines have a file, and they each make the file available to others right from their machine, with no “master” server. The advantages are great. For example, if one of the peers in a P2P network drops out, you can keep right on getting the file from another. With bandwidth and usage distributed, you get faster downloads.

The Ares download is one of the most popular, highest rated P2P software applications available, and it’s been downloaded millions upon millions of times. It’s a free, open source program, and the latest version has features that make it faster and more useful. It is compatible with torrent downloads, has a fully functional audio and video media player included, and also has extras like ways for you to organize your media library. You can make your own play lists, and even preview files as they are downloading to be sure you’re getting what you want.

The latest Ares free download also has support for Shoutcast internet radio. This is a way for individuals to broadcast their own content over the internet, whether live or archived. The software receives audio from a broadcast source (you), and updates the Shoutcast directory with information about your content, and allows you to send your broadcast feed to your listeners.

Once the Ares Galaxy is downloaded, all you do is run the setup file, and you’re good to go, because there’s no configuration involved. It runs on all the commonly used versions of Windows, including Vista and Windows 7 (including 64-bit versions). You can legally use the software on any computer including those used for business. Whether you share files over the internet or within an office or campus network, you’ll find that it is one of the world’s “go to” programs for this function.

People use the software to collaborate on large software projects, to share large batches of data, to share files between writers and editors, and filmmakers and producers. Legitimate P2P sharing is reality in today’s world, and Ares gives you one of the best ways to make use of the technology.

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