Learning Disability Healing Therapies Available to More Sufferers as the McCrossin Technique Names Three U.S. Regional Managers

The McCrossin Technique, a successful learning disabilities therapy that has eradicated three forms of LD in thousands of children and adults, announces the appointment of regional managers to lead expansion of The McCrossin Technique’s treatments nationwide.

Susan McCrossin, AP, founder of The McCrossin Technique, has appointed the following licensed and certified practitioners to spearhead the movement’s outreach in their respective regions:

  • Trevor Dimick, based in the Ogden, UT area for the Mountain West Region
  • Susan Dawson of Corpus Christi, TX, to focus on the Southwest U.S. Region
  • Jennifer Burnidge on Wauconda, IL, to lead the outreach in the Midwest Region

“Our dream is to treat thousands of more children and adults suffering from LD so they can lead richer and more satisfying lives that are free of the debilitating effects of this heartbreaking condition,” said Ms. McCrossin, who holds advanced degrees in applied psychology and neuroscience, and personally practices out of her clinic in Boulder, CO. “The appointment of these three highly-qualified, very successful and wonderful practitioners of The McCrossin Technique as regional managers is a critical step in realizing that dream.”

The initial appointments will be followed in the first quarter of 2018 by the selection of regional managers in the Southeast, Northeast and West Coast regions of the U.S., bringing to six the number of certified, licensed practitioners of The McCrossin Technique leading the nationwide movement to recruit and train more practitioners to treat more clients with learning disabilities.

Founded by Ms. McCrossin in 1988, The McCrossin Technique is a drug-free, noninvasive, out-patient brain integration therapy that eliminates common learning disabilities in children and adults through the application of neuro pressure and other proven procedures. The McCrossin technique successfully treats attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyper active disorder and dyslexia, helping clients to lead normal lives.

McCrossin, a former computer systems analyst who had learning disabilities as a child, is a graduate of the International Institute for Applied Physiology in Tucson, AZ. She earned dual degrees in Psychology and Neuroscience and a Master’s Degree with Honors in Neuroscience from prestigious Swinburne University in Australia.

Learning disabilities are often the result of certain types of emotional stress, especially early in life when the brain is still developing. These stresses can cause the brain’s amygdala (the brain’s alarm system) to confuse real and imagined dangers, and trigger negative effects in the brain’s normal information-processing and problem-solving machinery.

For more information, please visit http://www.crossinology.com./ or visit The McCrossin Technique on Facebook.

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