Lead Liaison’s OneFocus™ CRM Becomes Even More Effectual with the Addition of Task Manager

“We’re removing barriers that otherwise thwarted productivity. Now, entire teams can work within one platform, with one focus: driving revenue.” Jen Worsham, Director of Client Relations at Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison announced this week that they have added a powerful new feature, a Task Manager, to their already impressive OneFocus™ CRM that has taken the industry by storm. This additional feature changes the game for salespeople everywhere by managing tasks like phone calls, follow-ups, lunch meetings, and more within the CRM. This feature was highly anticipated by current and prospective users of Lead Liaison’s CRM, which debuted earlier this Spring.

The task manager is located within the Sales area of Lead Liaison. Salespeople will be able to see all tasks in the system, which are color-coded. Tasks that are overdue are red, tasks due on the current day are green, and tasks in the future are grey. Sorting tasks is incredibly easy. Options include sorting by when the task is due or type of task (i.e. phone call, email, etc.). Tasks can be viewed by priority, as well.

Sales managers can view all tasks available in the system in order to monitor overall performance, as well as drill down into an individual’s task queue.

Clicking on the task allows the user to view notes, due dates, and the Prospect’s timeline associated with the task. Salespeople can see the last interaction with a Prospect and create new tasks from the current task screen. The Task Manager also includes an information card, providing all details for the Deal and Prospect associated with the task.

Salespeople and sales managers can access everything they need within one platform without ever having to leave the task window, saving sales managers and salespeople…

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