Launching Capeia – A New Way to Interact with Science

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Capeia comes at just the right time. We need a better interaction between scientists and the general public and that’s exactly what Capeia is aiming at. Stefan J. Kautsch, Nova Southeastern University

Research and discovery form the basis of the Western civilization. Mankind has come a long way from the hunter-gatherer ancestors and, with nearly eight billion people on this planet, there is now no possibility of reverting to this original way of life. The key to individual freedom and prosperity in a complex and highly diversified society lies in education and science.

However, science as an intellectual endeavor is losing ground. It is increasingly being put under pressure by budgetary constraints and challenged by irrational ideologies. To counteract this alarming trend, scientists and open-minded members of the public alike are called on to strengthen their relationships and intensify their mutually beneficial interactions.

It is in this spirit of fruitful interaction that the science platform has been conceived. Capeia invites visitors to establish direct contact with world-leading scientists on hot topics such as exoplanets, new cancer therapies, or rare and enigmatic animals. Information on Capeia comes directly from scientists, who also provide first-hand elaborations for their non-expert audience.

To show their appreciation of the researchers’ commitment, visitors are provided with the opportunity to contribute financial support to research topics that they find particularly interesting. Instead of running a frantic online campaign, scientists registered with Capeia can continue to receive funds on an ongoing basis, with no time limit. “Continuous funding for continuous research” is in fact a leitmotif of this novel…

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