Killer xTend Technology from Rivet Networks Makes the PC the Center of the Home Network

Rivet Networks, makers of the award winning line of high-performance Killer™ networking products for desktop and notebook PCs, is excited to announce the availability of its all new Killer xTend network extension technology, which can be found on gaming motherboards from industry leaders MSI and GIGABYTE.

Killer xTend delivers powerful network extension capabilities to a computer by integrating a network switch that includes at least three Killer Ethernet ports and using a Killer Wireless-AC module as a Wi-Fi extender. This allows the computer to share its network access with other nearby wired and wireless devices with a strong, powerful network connection.

Consumers no longer need to mess with switches and network extenders that are expensive and difficult to configure. Instead, they can use Killer’s innovative new xTend Technology to connect devices such as gaming consoles, smart phones and tablets directly to their gaming PCs. Killer xTend keeps games, voice, and video fast and smooth because high priority traffic on the Killer PC is prioritized above the traffic from connected devices. Killer xTend also delivers amazing speeds – with potential throughput up to 1 Gbps for each Killer E2500 plus another 867 Mbps for the Killer Wi-Fi module.

Killer xTend is fully integrated into the Killer Control Center. A user gets started by connecting their devices to the Killer xTend PC and deciding which wired or wireless adapter will be the connection to the internet so it can share access with the other devices. Users can then configure the additional adapters to act as switch ports or to provide additional internet access to take full advantage of the Killer DoubleShot Pro features. In addition to extending the home network, Killer xTend enables…

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