Invest In Vol Announces Launch of Volatility Enhanced Equity Overlay

Invest In Vol – The Volatility Advisor today announced the launch of its Volatility Enhanced Equity Overlay, a strategy aimed at investors looking to integrate the returns from Volatility Risk Premium into their existing equity portfolio.

The Overlay comes at a time when volatility investing is gaining significant interest from investors and their advisors. ‘Investors are beginning to see how small allocations to an alternative source of return like volatility can significantly enhance the performance of a traditional portfolio’ said Dr. Stuart Barton, Partner and Portfolio Manager at Invest In Vol.

The Overlay

The Volatility Enhanced Equity Overlay implements Invest In Vol’s popular Balanced Volatility Strategy within a client’s existing core portfolio. Implementing the Strategy as an overlay allows investors to add an uncorrelated return stream while keeping their present equity allocation intact, thus not triggering a tax event by selling embedded gains. Furthermore, because volatility and equity returns can be uncorrelated, the overlay of a strategy that harvests Volatility Risk Premium on top of a core portfolio can enhance overall risk-adjusted returns.

The Overlay implements Invest In Vol’s Balanced Volatility Strategy which incorporates three unique volatility strategies from three independent volatility strategists. By diversifying volatility investments across these three strategies, Invest In Vol seeks to deliver more consistent returns with fewer drawdowns than are typically associated with volatility investing.

About Invest In Vol

Invest In Vol is a Registered Investment Advisor exclusively focused on volatility investing. Our team works with individual investors, advisors, and institutions to raise awareness and understanding of volatility investing and ultimately deliver the most investable volatility products in the market.

Invest In Vol was founded by Stuart Barton, PhD, CFA, a volatility trading specialist with more than 15 years’ experience managing volatility portfolios. Invest in Vol is located in Stamford, Connecticut.

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