Information Governance Leader Contoural Debuts Innovative On-Site Staffing Service

Contoural, the largest independent provider of Information Governance consulting services, today announced the expansion of its consulting portfolio offerings which will now include an interim on-site staffing model. Under this new service offering, clients can now leverage experienced onsite Records Management and Information Governance professionals on an interim basis for full-time, part-time or ongoing engagement scenarios.

“Filling the short-term gap for interim records management or Information Governance positions can be daunting for many organizations. Finding the right person with up-to-date skills who is available quickly and on a transitional basis is also difficult,” said Mark Diamond, CEO, Contoural. “Many client programs only require a part-time resource on an ongoing basis. Our new staffing service addresses these client challenges.”

Records Management and Information Governance activities need to be performed every month, but for many organizations, the workload does not justify a full-time resource. For many organizations finding the right level of individual from coordinator all the way through director, training them and maintaining their skills, and connecting them with an internal skills network can be challenging. While many organizations recognize the need for these services, they do not have the day-to-day time or internal resources to manage these individuals and functions.

Contoural makes it easier by providing experienced onsite Records Management and Information Governance professionals available to meet short-term needs. Contoural’s team of full, part-time or ongoing transitional records managers and Information Governance professionals are fully trained and up-to-date on industry best practices and standards. While engaged onsite with clients, the team members leverage the expertise of the entire industry-leading Contoural team, tapping into the industry’s most extensive knowledge pool. Contoural provides day-to-day management of the onsite consulting staff helping companies run their information governance programs, leaving them free to focus on their core business.

Contoural staffing services cover any expertise level to meet an organization’s needs, including:

  • Records/Information Governance Coordinator
  • Records/Information Governance Manager
  • Information Governance Director

Leveraging a Contoural consultant delivers immediate benefits by:

  • Ensuring continued records management and Information Governance program continuity, bridging short-term needs
  • Aligning program needs with required experience levels and staffing costs
  • Temporarily increasing staffing to meet short-term events (e.g., M&A, litigation, audit)
  • Engaging with fully trained individuals who come up-to-speed immediately
  • Transferring management of these individuals, leaving the client organization the time to focus on its core competency
  • Utilizing individuals with current records management and Information Governance skills
  • Bridging gaps between client organization’s functional groups

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About Contoural

Contoural is the largest independent provider of Information Governance Services focused on Records and Information Management, Litigation and Regulatory Inquiry Readiness and Control of Sensitive Information. Contoural does not sell any products nor take referral fees, store any documents or provide any lawsuit-specific “reactive” eDiscovery services. In this capacity Contoural is a trusted advisor to clients providing unbiased advice. Contoural has served more than 30% of the Fortune 500 as clients, including those in the Global 50, Mid-sized Organizations and large Federal Agencies.

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