Indian vegetarian food – the best food of the world


Indian food or the taste of indian food is remarkable. Every year millions of visitors throughout the globe visit India and visit almost every part of the country. During their visit, the taste of the food changes from place to place depending upon the taste of the region. But the taste of Indian vegetarian food remains the same. Indian thali is very famous among the tourists of Europe; they love eating the Indian food and make their tour remarkable and memorable with the taste.

Indian vegetarian food has a huge variety and all the types of food are different in taste. The culture and tradition of the region add some of the taste to the food as well. Looking at the history, many rulers have ruled the country but the tradition and culture of the country remains the same. Maximum population of Indian eats vegetarian food, many communities in India like non-vegetarian food too. Indian Thali has many different dishes altogether in one. All the dishes taste different. The thali consist of special some seasonal veggies, pulses, rice, chappatis, some sweet dishes etc.

Indian vegetarian food is also known as complete diet food, which keeps you fit and energetic. Along with the taste the Indian food is nutritious. India is the only country where vegetarian food consumers are the most. People who are non- vegetarian even they also like to eat vegetarian diet. The Indian vegetarian food includes Gujarati food, Marwari food, south-Indian foods, Punjabi food, Jain food, Bengali food etc. These foods all together make a complete Indian Vegetarian food.

There is a wide variety of typical Indian vegetable curries which are most famous and delicious in taste. Paneer or cottage cheese is one of the most famous and tasty food in any type of Indian foods. In any region, function or party, it is a common dish. Some of the dishes include cheese chilli etc.


The sweets and starters in the Indian thali are also very different and tasty. The snacks like dry paneer, grilled paneer,…

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