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If Astrology is Valid, Then Why Can’t We Prove it?

This question is, in my opinion, the most fundamental and important question in astrology today. A myriad reasons have been given, and I will not review them here. Some studies have come very close to validating astrology, and the Gauquelin studies are the most often quoted studies in this regards, but even the Gauquelin studies are not completely and absolutely definitive. 


The Ocean of Anecdotal Evidence and the Ocean of Theories

There seems to be almost as many astrological ideas and theories as there are astrologers, and no two astrologers interpret astrological charts in exactly the same way. The number of theories and concepts grows constantly as new astronomical discoveries are made and more ancient materials are translated.

It is possible that valid astrological concepts are obscured by the enormous number of ideas to choose from. Many astrologers agree with this, and many astrologers are convinced that their system of astrological interpretation is the most accurate, and that many others are inaccurate. There are classical astrologers who are certain that minor aspects and other modern inventions are the ruin of astology, etc. There is no end to diversity in astrology.


Cosmic Tapestry Astrology is not the most popular approach to astrological interpretation. Cosmic Tapestry is an approach to astrological interpretation that involves the analysis of complex patterns. These complex patterns are regarded as the fundamental and most important factors in the chart. Astrological influences are seen as energy processes that impact the psyche of people and thereby generate the motivations, drives, interests, and talents of the person. Although not popular at this time, it is my belief that cosmic tapestry astrology will grow and develop to become the dominant system of astrology. Of course every astrologer believes that his/her…

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