Improving Your Childs Literacy and Numeracy With Online Primary Teaching Resources

Helping your young children to get a great start in life is every parents aspiration. Education, including basic literacy and numeracy is so important in a childs formative years which means finding the best primary teaching resources is an invaluable part of aiding development. If children have access to materials that make learning fun and easy, theyre far more likely to be engaged with key concepts from an early age and you will find that they absorb information without even realising it!

The UK government published a White Paper in early 2011 on The Importance of Teaching stating that they were committed to improving educational standards. It was reported that only one in five 11-year-olds currently leave primary school able to read to the standard expected of them. This figure rises to one in three of deprived children. As the findings aptly go on to point out, unless children have learned to read, the rest of the curriculum is a secret garden to which they will never enjoy access.

What if you could find a cheap and effective way to nurture your childs development and help them reach and surpass the required standard? A fun and effective way to learn at home. The effective teaching of basic literary and numeracy is seen as the bedrock of Key Stage 1 in the National Curriculum. Thankfully for parents whose children fit into this educational bracket, there is now an increasing amount of teaching resources available online to supplement the lessons learned during school hours.

The majority of these tools are also useful for Key Stage 2 and Special Needs pupils looking to master those more difficult key concepts. Colourful and creative, the best primary school resources have eye catching images designed to teach in a visual easy to understand way. Special laminated cards act as valuable teaching aids to help children understand topics such as addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Teaching fractions with pizzas, puddings and jam tarts is another teaching…

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