iMotions + MAURO Usability Science Collaboration

iMotions + MAURO Usability Science Collaboration

We’re very excited about the new possibilities within usability research in the industry and creating solutions that match the needs and expectations of clients who not only want, but need to, take their usability insights to the next level

Business problem

Consumer-mediated drug delivery is rapidly becoming a business-critical factor in determining drug profitability for all leading pharmaceutical entities. The usability of such devices will, in large measure, determine success in the marketplace as drug companies move to combination delivery systems, which combine drug delivery devices with proprietary or even generic drugs. So important is the usability of this new generation of drug delivery devices that the FDA as provided guidance that states that high levels of usability performance are essential to achieving both approval and acceptance in the marketplace.

In a world of increasing competition the design of drug delivery devices becomes a critical differentiating factor for patients and their prescribing physicians. These new combination products will drive success in the marketplace only if they are highly useable and engaging for patients, HCPs and Caregivers. The FDA and Usability Performance of Your Drug Delivery Devices  However, the design and testing of such devices that have scientifically documented levels of human factors engineering performance has proven unusually complex for most drug delivery device manufacturers and internal drug device development teams. In a recent interview Charles L. Mauro, CEO of Mauro Usability Science in New York said:

“It is now clear to those involved in these critical business problems that the design and development of…

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