Humane Bird Deterrent for Lake Docks is Colorful & Welcoming

“My wife and I are so grateful to finally have a backyard free of geese! We enjoy our time by the lake more now than we ever have.” Marke Jameson

A few years ago, Consort Display Groups President, Roger Lepley, discovered an innovative new use for their Dori Pole Pennant System. Dori Pole had been found to effectively keep unwanted birds away from lakefront property, such as docks, boat lifts, shorelines, and rafts. Though originally designed to add color and graceful movement to public events, the newly discovered effect Dori Pole has on problem birds is creating a surge in demand from lakefront home owners. The secret to the Dori Pole’s effectiveness is their long, vibrantly colored, pennants which flow to the “whims of the wind” high above the water. The pennants are mounted on flexible fiberglass poles ranging in height from 12 feet to 19 feet. Dori Pole can be seen throughout the country, ranging from being used to attract visitors to major festivals, events, car dealerships, and apartment complexes, to adorning the lawns of lakeside homes and cottages. It’s the latter use that’s creating a new surge of interest from waterfront homeowners in the U.S. and Canada. According to Lepley, “Not only have our products gained a significant amount of attention as uniquely colorful, gracefully flowing, attention-getting devices, but now, they are rapidly gaining a new reputation as an ecologically-friendly, safe and effective means to control geese, gulls and other unwanted birds.”

Pennants provide effective wildlife control

“The pennants seem to act like a scarecrow or constantly moving shadow. The wild birds seem to not know what to make of these man-made devices and so they stay away, and move to another part of the lake…

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