How To Write A Resume That Will Impress Employers


When applying for a job, your key to successfully getting hired is your resume.  It serves as a ticket to your job. Your resume will represent you before your potential employers so it is crucial that by your resume alone, you can already draw the attention of employers and interviewers.  It is crucial to know how to write a resume that is totally impressive and interesting.  

Adding Your Photo

Photos are significant parts or components of resumes.  Employers will use your photo to know who is it they are planning to hire.  When having your resume photo taken, wear formal or business attire.  Smile your best and ensure that your face is clearly shown with no funny angles. 

Choosing Fonts

For writing a resume, you would need to be careful in choosing the font style.  A resume is considerably a business document so you need to use formal fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. Even though you are fancying complex or cursive fonts, you should avoid using them because they will only give a hard time for the employer in reading your details.  The font size should also be 10-12. If the employer sees that your resume is hard to read due to inappropriate fonts, it will be as good as finding another job or company to apply for.  

Bullets And Sentences

It is certainly a good idea to use bullets in your resume. However, make sure that each bullet will contain information presented in complete sentences that relay complete thoughts.  This will make you more credible as a job seeker. Nonetheless, avoid writing long sentences for every bullet or point. 


Another aspect that can make a resume interesting to read is sub-heading.  A sub-heading like Education, Personal Data and Work Experience will help make the resume contents organized.  

 Sans Decoration

You may still decorate the document, but not overly or excessively.  Remember that a resume is a formal type of document.  Your aim is to show that you are credible and impressive as a potential…

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