How to Motivate Your Team for High Performance

Many  managers  may  live  by  the  notion that self-motivated are the real go-getters that don’t need any attention or feedback with respect to what they do. The myth seems to be knocking the door of the managers minds that those employees who are energetic can execute certain tasks  on their own with seeking the need of anybody’s intervention.  We understand that self-motivated employees who drive themselves to the core can yield good results.  But, they are the ones who should be aware of the fact that what they do matters to a great extent to maintain the goodwill of an organization.

If we talk about the attitude of a self-motivated employee,  you will come to know that their way of thinking is absolutely different compared to those who constantly need guidance to excel than others. They ponder about the hitting the bull’s eye because they are result-oriented. If you are running an organization and have self-motivated employees working for the same, you may land in a state of dilemma if you try to confuse attention with guidance.

Following are the tips to encourage your team:

  • Become friendly–When you meet your employees, your first words should come out as a friend so that they feel at ease.
  • Ensure work that matters – We comprehend the fact every employee wants to be recognized for the contribution they make.
  • Express yourself – It’s important that you communicate with your employees and provide them the necessary feedback.
  • Deal with your employees differently – Ensure you treat your employees in a different way so that they don’t feel at the same level.
  • When you notice it, express it – You should comment at work that is worthy of your praise.
  • Stay focused – You need to lay an emphasis on the employees’ strengths and let them reduce their weaknesses.
  • Let them fail – It’s okay to see your employees failing initially because they didn’t plan to make it big in the beginning.
  • Celebrate achievements – Celebrations fortify…

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