How to Cope Up Changes to Reach a Goal


Have you ever asked yourself if the goal that you want to reach, is the one that you really want to reach? Sounds absurd but think again and you will see that this question really makes sense. Reevaluating our goal from time to time is necessary because we will never know if we have changed priority along the way that we are not aware of.

After evaluation and you still have that goal, ask yourself again if you want to spend time needed to achieve your objective. Can you reach the goal within your time frame? Why do you want to reach that goal? If you get what you want, what are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

Don’t set your goal without time frame or else you may chase that forever. What in the stages of your life you want to reach it? Early adult, middle age or in your retirement stage? It is advisable to make a to-do list and learn to prioritize. Practically, the most important tasks or goals will go on to top.

Create a Plan, envision it and write it down. It is easier to reach an objective if you put it in writing. A little known secret of achievers is putting their plans and goals to a place where you can see it every day.  Bathroom is ideal place, it maybe sound crazy for others but let them think what they want.  

Rewarding yourself

After accomplishing your goal, reward yourself. If you have monthly target buy yourself a CD, watch a movie or have a spa treatment. Doing this will pacify you and you will be inspired to go on fulfilling little things.

If you look at your goal as a whole, you may end up in despair. Split up into little steps and later you might see that you are accomplishing things and getting nearer of your objective. Take a step one a time and your goal will become more visible and achievable. It is no longer a mountain but more realistic things to reach.  

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