How to Break Windows Vista Password

How do I break Windows Vista password after I forgot it?
I’ve been using Windows Vista since the last 2 years and contrary to what most people think, I actually feel it is a better operating system than Windows XP. However, recently I have been locked from my little Vista machine since a couple of days ago I forgot its logon password. Here anybody can help me break password on Windows Vista so that I can access to my Vista machine?

Similar to Windows XP, Win7 computers, there is also a very common PC issue among Windows Vista machines, that is Windows Vista logon password lost or forgotten problem. Here in this article, several different ways will be covered to break Windows Vista password after it is forgotten. 

Different ways to break Windows Vista password

1.Take a rest, and try hard to remember the forgotten password

You may think it is stupid to break the forgotten Vista password by trying to remember it again and again. Actually it is no! People often have short-term memory loss when they are under high pressure or after a long vacation. However, such kind of short-term memory loss can be restored somehow. So once you found you’ve forgotten your Vista password, don’t be too worried. What you need to do is to have a coffee, take a snap and by chance you will find you suddenly remember your Vista password.

2.If there is an early created Vista password reset disk, then make use of it.

In all Windows operating systems, a Windows password reset disk is allowed to be made in advance in case the logon password forgotten problem occurs. If you are lucky to have created such a Vista password reset disk in the past, then you can use this magic disk to quickly and safely break your forgotten Windows Vista password.
Guess you should know what do to now. If not, below are the step-by-step guides.
Step1: Start your computer and get to the Windows Vista login screen.
Step2: Enter a wrong password into the password box, and then the Reset password link will show up on…

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