How The New Led Technology Has Changed Bike Lights

Many people today are looking for a bike light for everyday use, like one to use on their way to work or school, but one that can also be used on trails for casual riding or after dusk on the roads. They are looking to be law-abiding and yet have the ability to be sensibly and safe on trails. The Cateye el530 can meet all those requirements.

Bicycle light technology has changed greatly over the years. Traditional bulb lights have been replaced by different alternatives but today primarily by LED systems. With reflector, lens and battery technology improving greatly today’s lights are now much brighter and have a much longer run time.

Only 5 + years ago we would have been using Halogen lights and only get 150 candlepower and maybe 6 hours of run time.

Today’s moderately priced lights can produce 2200 candlepower or more which certainly makes them bright enough to ride up to moderate speeds on totally unlit roads. They often only use 4 alkaline or lithium AA batteries to produce that much light. Not only that but their run times can be 100 hours or more on one set of batteries. This is made possible through the use of new lens technology. Although as you might expect the intensity can reduce as the batteries wear down.

That is how the new LED technology has changed things and being able to ride comfortably and safely at night. People who have used them say they are absolutely awesome in comparison.

Another thing is that these lights seem to have a number of modes in which the lights can be used. For instance, I don’t know about you but the flashing lights seem to catch my eye quicker than a constant beam. Well a lot of thes bke light have both constant and flashing modes available plus when it comes to flashing mode the are different patterns you can choose from. One might flash just on and off while another would flash in a wave pattern and so on. Though I am not sure it makes any difference to your visibility it still gives you the option of what you like…

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