How Online Classified Ad Booking works for your business?

Today we have wide range of media options to launch our product promotion campaign directly to our targeted audience. And advertising medium plays a vital role to publicize our brand message among customers in most effective manner. In that also, we have an advantage of classified ads which are not only low in cost but also high potential in profitability.

Now-a-days various advertising agencies offer online classified ad booking services through which you can create your promotional ads within your budget and with less-time usage. is one of them. It provides you various advanced facilities of classified newspaper ads as per your choices and requirements which will fit to your pocket and beneficial for your business.

Generally the visitor of classified ads knows that what he wants to buy or where he can find his requirement so he directly search to the particular section of his interested field in the Newspaper and search or compare different products of his choice. Thus, our online classified ad bookingservice have three different auspicious services of Classified Text Ads, Classified Display Ads & Display Ads, which right away convey your product to the targeted audience.

 Our Classified Ad booking process can operate by any normal user. Just visit to and click the related icon. Then through the browse feature, you can reach and attach the matter of your ads. We also have features of already designed ads where you just have to add your matter or attach your design. Before mailing or finalizing your ad to [email protected] , you can look-up the relevant rates also by clicking where necessary. That will give you a rough idea of your Ad-Cost.

While on receiving our ad-matter, we professionally verify your matter and if necessary, modify it as per the publications’ needs.

Even you have an option to send your raw text matter to our Adfield Agencywere we create your ad in the most appropriate manner…

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