HolistiCyber Launches Industry’s First Nation-State Level Cyber Security Defense Services

HolistiCyber, formerly known as Holistic Security International – HSI Global, today announced the introduction of the industry’s first cyber security defense services based upon its proprietary nation-state level cyber security defense program, modeling and monitoring expertise. Many large global organizations have already experienced significant success in protecting their critical assets utilizing HolistiCyber’s advanced cyber security services and solutions.

Countries around the world are making significant investments in both cyber defense and cyber offense technologies. These sophisticated and advanced “nation-state” level attack capabilities are now being targeted to the private sector. In fact, these highly advanced mechanisms of cyber assault are continuously evolving and are available for sale in the “Darknet”, enabling hackers to become extremely powerful attackers. Current cyber security compliance requirements and industry best practices against such threats are insufficient given the explosive growth and new dynamic wave of available sophisticated cyber-attack tools.

“HolistiCyber addresses these dangerous threats with a team of Israel Defense Force (IDF) trained nation-state warriors and private sector experts. Our team of experts can enable an ultimate defense by utilizing an advanced Attacker-Oriented Framework, a comprehensive, holistic defense plan, and utilize proprietary technology, modeling and monitoring solutions,” said Memy Ish Shalom, President, HolistiCyber.

HolistiCyber Services and Solutions

HolistiCyber’s team of world class cyber security experts deliver highly focused, pragmatic and cost effective recommendations to dramatically improve any enterprise cyber security defense plan. These services and solutions include,

  •     Holistic Risk Assessment


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