High Tech PR: Do Your Efforts Match Your Performance?

by earcos

High tech companies pride themselves on being on the cutting edge. They offer products and services that are groundbreaking and game changing. With fierce competition in virtually every hi tech sector, all high tech companies have the need to employ a consistent high tech PR strategy. If you are already committed to a high tech PR effort, does it match the performance of your company or product?

Whether your high tech pr niche is aerospace, biotech, energy, information technology, instrumentation, nanotechnology, nuclear physics, optoelectronics, robotics, telecommunications or electrical engineering, your high tech public relations team should own that media space.

Proactive high tech public relations should create news, not just get it reported. High tech PR should place news breaking stories covering the launch of a new service offering, improved technology or social media application. High tech public relations efforts should also extend to corporate news, such as staffing announcements, product availability and profitability reports. Generating consistent and positive exposure is essential for high tech public relations firms. There are many niches in the high tech sector. Make sure your high tech PR team targets the right publications that will target the audience you seek.

Partner with a high tech PR firm whose high tech PR strategies include making it a priority to generate exposure for the bright minds on your staff. These high tech PR tactics can include placing op-ed articles, interviews and guest contributions by experts with for news and trends, including the unique science and benefits of your high tech service.

High tech PR should also extend to seeking cross-promotions and event sponsorships. Whether a technology conference, charity golf tournament or corporate fundraiser, these events will garner media coverage and positive brand association. Because reputation and visibility are important factors when it comes to client acquisition, a cross-platform, multichannel approach for high tech PR can also extend to contributions on blogs, podcasts and even lo tech channels like radio. Social media is also a requisite must, as more and more decision makers are digesting content in non-traditional areas. Nowhere is this more true than in the high tech industry. Making a large imprint via high tech PR digitally will also fuel important search engine optimization.

Effective high tech public relations should also support sales staff. High tech PR can come in very handy here, reinforcing marketing materials with credibility building high tech PR successes.

As a high tech company, staying ahead of the curve is critically important to maintaining your market position. Demand the same approach from your high tech PR partner.

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