Have Foods That Fight Cancer and Live a Healthy Life


Food has a major impact on our body. Anything we eat has direct impact on our health. Therefore, whenever we could regulate our diet on a regular basis we’re able to avoid cancer as well as lessen the level the harm it can cause. Broccoli is a vegetable which has the capability to protect people from becoming inflicted with colon polyps. Have broccoli at least three times or four times a week. Full servings of broccoli will help you avoid colon cancer. Cabbage, cauliflower, kale, Brussels, sprouts are also great at giving protection from cancer. These are known as cruciferous vegetables and should be prepared lightly. Chew these vegetables correctly while having food so you can get all the benefits from these vegetables. These have anti- cancer properties and eating these release active molecules that really help protect against cancer. 


Garlic has got several medicinal qualities. It’s usually eaten raw to be able to protect against various types of diseases and cancer one of them. Crushed garlic has the quality to protect humans from getting infected with cancer. It is among the best anti cancer sources known to humans. Previously when medicines were found, people depended considerably on this vegetable simply because of its medicinal characteristics. Soy is another vegetable with plenty of medicinal characteristics. It can cure cancer if eaten a minimum of fifty grams daily. You can either get it in roasted form or have it raw in edamame form. Turmeric has curcumin which will help in fighting cancer. Every day dose of turmeric can lessen the likelihood of having cancer. Put turmeric to pasta, salads, and soups and avoid cancer development. 


Berries are always very helpful and have nutritional values and also therapeutic values. Rather than having cranberry juice, you can have it raw and that would help on avoiding cancer. Another effective product is the green tea which has catechins. Catechins include anti-cancer attributes and to obtain the very…

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