Hand-Made Animated Video by Maureen Kuo Reflects International Influences in Jaffe’s Song “Ganesha”

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“Joss’ playing is gracious and precise. He can accompany any musical style with an inspiring smile that generates confidence and pure enjoyment.” –Silvia Nakkach, Grammy Nominated Artist

Although Joss Jaffe is based in California, his musical inspiration comes from around the world. In his uplifting song “Ganesha,” we hear those global musical influences come together as a unique amalgam of Reggae, African, and Indian elements over a hip hop-inspired beat. Taiwanese CalArts graduate Maureen Kuo brings her experimental animation skills to “Ganesha” to create a beautiful and almost entirely handmade video to visually enhance Jaffe’s compositional inspiration and the intrinsic charisma of the song.

The unique style of the animation merges artistic styles from fictional to experimental, which gives a sense of whimsy and play to the imagery inspired by traditional Indian God/Goddess Mythology and nature imagery. In the words of Maureen Kuo, “the video is mostly hand drawn. But I also used some post-production effects to move things around. I like having an organic look so I tried not to use too much help from the computers.”

Joining Jaffe in the performance of “Ganesha” is Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist Jai Uttal, who is widely considered to be a pioneer in world music fusion. Also, Suzanne Sterling, celebrated singer and co-founder of yoga social justice group Off the Mat Into the World, lends her haunting, gospel-tinged vocals to Jaffe’s composition.

Joss Jaffe performs on “Ganesha” as a vocalist, tabla player and multi-instrumentalist. As a composer and producer he has released several innovative albums, including ‘Svara Mandala,’ ‘Echosystem,’ and ‘Dub Mantra’ to critical acclaim. His earliest memories include mantra chanting, listening to 1960s and 1970s vinyl records, and experiencing the sounds of the world through travel. By age nine, Jaffe was already proficient on guitar, and soon began writing and producing his own songs. Enticed by the music of India, at sixteen Jaffe began a decade long study of tabla, sarode, and vocal performance under the tutelage of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri.

Today, Joss Jaffe continues to share his gifts with the world through his recordings and live performances. He has toured around the world, bringing his music to an international audience. Jaffe’s work as a producer and composer has been critically acclaimed by ‘Yoga Journal,’ the UK’s ‘Om Magazine,’ and other prominent publications.

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