Hamsa Hand and Its Meaning

The Hamsa hand has extended its influence to fashion, mobile accessories, home decor and other stylish aspects. This has been a symbol for great fortune and protection against the eye of the devil. Even the modernity of our generation was unable to put a halt to this century-old tradition. The styles with touches of the Hamsa culture has been passed over decades and decades and this simply means that people never stop believing in the capacity of Hamsa hand to shower blessings and provide security. 

 According to the archaeological facts and professionals, the Hamsa tradition rooted from so long ago and was directly related to Tanit – the goddess of moon. She happened to be one of the Carthage’s patron goddesses. In the latter decades, many religions accepted it such as the Islam and Judaism. It is relevant that people must understand that Hamsa hand as oppose to common belief is not a religious representation. Negative energies will vanish with the help of an amulet made with an inspiration of this well-known design.

Hamsa is extraordinarily meaningful to so many cultures and beliefs. The Arabs define the word “Hamsa” as five and pertains to the fingers in the hands. For some, this symbol is associated to Miriam. She is the sister of Aaron and Moses and has a great role in the Exodus. It was told that Miriam has a huge contribution in the survival of the Israelites against Egypt. She was believed to own a marvellous well that made water available to prevent dehydration in the deserted place.

For the Jews, Hamsa is the shielding hand of God. Some individuals think that this hand sign reflects the Torah’s five books. For Muslims, the hand of Fatima is believed to be represented by the Hamsa.

Believers of the Hamsa hand have also placed some meanings in every position. If a woman that wants to attract positive energy, abundance and luck, the Hamsa must be pointing the ground. When the hand is pointing up to the sky, this can draw positive force for a…

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