HAIZOL’s 3rd Annual Original Equipment Manufacturing Congress

On December 2, 2017 the 3rd Annual OEM Manufacturing Conference by Haizol.com, was held at Shangri-La Hotel in Suzhou. It attracted nearly 800 factory owners, over 500 purchasing and supply chain professionals from across the country. More than 1500 people, including investment professionals and mainstream media participated in the event with 20 of the most prominent manufacturing companies also being present. Through lectures and roundtable forums, they discussed the current hot topics in the manufacturing industry – Raw Materials, Rising Costs, Environmental Protection Trends and Manufacturing Waste Management; conducted an in-depth discussion and held a start-up ceremony for the identification of waste remodeling by MTPs. This is yet another manufacturing event following the anniversary of Haizol.com on November 19, 2016.

At the beginning of the conference, Ms. Sherry She, founder and CEO of Haizol.com made a speech and gave a keynote address on how to help SMEs upgrade their facilities and capabilities. Ms. Sherry She said “Last year’s conference, also attended by thousands, focused on procurement, while this year the attention is devoted to creating more value for the manufacturing sector.”

“Manufacturing has moved from pure industrialization to an era of post-industrialization. It not only sells products, but also sells services that require customers to feel the value and quality of service.

I am suggesting that the manufacturing industry, to do more and more valuable things. Furthermore, we must see the big direction; second, leveraging all of the resources around us as much as possible; and third, desire.”

4 Roundtable Forums, 22 Experts and 5 Manufacturing Hot Topic In-depth Discussions

In recent years, the price of raw materials continues to increase substantially. In 2017, many environmental audits led to the closure of large factories in the region, the loss of low-cost domestic advantages, the waste of manufacturing, talent management and so on, all of which are closely related to the manufacturing industry. The organizers invited 22 industry experts, including macro-economists, the world’s top 500 procurement executives, well-known lean experts, investors and other industry guests. The roundtable, in-depth discussions related to the manufacturing industry and rising concerns facing the manufacturing sector as they are for the attendees of manufacturing professionals, factory owners, procurement and supply chain managers. Also, the future development trends, how to improve small and medium enterprises, as well as enhance their efficiency in areas such as interpretation, were the topics addressed.

3 Key Points That Link the Manufacturing Needs of All Parties

1). Factory Makeover and Identifying Waste – Start-Up Project

“Factory Makeover • Identifying Waste” – a large lean improvement activities, launched by Haizol.com, integrating all areas of manufacturing resources, starting from the identification of manufacturing waste – more than 200 lean experts were invited and attended. Owen Sun, Vice President of Haizol.com, Shi Jialiang, Director of Supplier Improvement Center, and 10 Lean experts attended the opening ceremony and presented a letter of appointment for Lean Specialists. Together with Haizol.com, small businesses will make improvements and upgrades.

2). The Most Popular Haizol Guest Interview Award 2017

Haizol Interview has been running for 2 years since 2015 and has received the attention and support of many industry professionals. One month prior to the start of the event, the 2017 interviewers used online voting to eventually win out the top seven interviewed guests, namely Li Yujiang, a cost-cutting expert, and Du Zhaohui, a senior consultant of Naho Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Management Consulting Lean trainer and Managing Director Wang Hongmiao, Nantong University Business School Associate Professor Deng Hengjin, Fresenius Purchasing Vice President of Asia Pacific Chuang Baohong, Auto-Kabel Purchasing Manager Song Hongya, Didu consulting General Manager Wang Yongming, and Ms. Sherry She, founder and CEO of Haizol.com, personally presented the trophy to award-winning guests.

3). Strategic Support Signing Ceremony

Haizol Academy is committed to create the most professional knowledge-sharing platform for knowledge-based learning and skills in the field of industrial components. Haier University is one of the earliest established enterprise universities in China. Under the testimony of thousands of people, Haizol Academy, representing Sherry She and Haier University President Sun Zhongyuan held a strategic support signing ceremony.

Haizol.com and the Haier Group have reached a strategic cooperation sharing management practices, innovations, to support small and medium-sized businesses in China in reaching the world market more effectively and quickly.

The one-day, large-scale event that gathered thousands of manufacturing industry experts, ended after closing remarks from the invited host Huang Zheng. The General Assembly will help Haizol open a new chapter, encouraging and aiding the advancement of manufacturing services and the manufacturing industry as a whole, in relation to improving waste management, lean production and cost optimization.


Funded by the Haier Group, Haizol is not just an online marketplace but it is specifically designed to maximize opportunities to connect sourcing professionals and contract manufacturing companies around the world. We have helped small and medium size companies and MNCs like General Electric, Schaeffler Group, Haier, Daewoo, Siemens, ABB, Heidelberg, Bosch, SAIC Motors, etc. in locating suppliers and in developing their supply chain.

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