Guide on how to use Facebook for selling items

Today is the age of the social networking sites. There is, of course, Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, Instagram and other such sites to contend with. But of course with all of these privileges, it’s high time that you take advantage of all of these. How? You can actually make money out of these social networking sites. One way is for you to sell your old stuff.

Here are just a few pointers and a couple of tips that would give you that Facebook advertising you so rightly deserve.

1. Find a group- There are Facebook groups that are limited to a geographical state and there are those with one purpose only – that is, to buy and sell used items. The reason behind this is that they are more comfortable meeting with each other. They can meet up, should they deem necessary. Now to find a group, you can use the Facebook search and type in a group that you feel you can fit into. To make the search more specific, you can also type in “buy and sell”. Just a word of caution: There are applications in Facebook that are not considered groups so be wary and aware of them.

2. Join the group- Some Facebook groups don’t allow you to automatically join them. In that case, you need to ask permission first before you can enter. There are also groups that have as its prerequisite that you need to be friends with someone in the group before you can join.

3. Look at the rules- There are Facebook groups that have immediate rules to all members- this is to ensure that all conversations are clear and concise and that no member is defaming another one. Another rule is that it shows you how to post items and what to do when your item is already sold. Read these rules and stick with it. As part of Facebook advertising, you may also want to contact details just in case a potential buyer wants to purchase your product.

4. Put down your first item- You need to post photos of your item and the caption as well. Only post your contact details when your buyer is sure that he’ll be buying your…

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