Great Music and Instrumentation on New Moon Soundtrack

If you’re looking for a review of the New Moon soundtrack, I’m glad you came by. The thoughts that might be running through your head are probably similar to the thoughts that I had when I first saw the lineup of bands that contributed original music to this soundtrack.

If you know anything about the New Moon series and these bands, you’re probably confused by the fact that all of these bands have produced original music for this soundtrack.

You might be like me in this case. I had no idea what New Moon was, and it’s probably because I have no connection to that demographic and I’m by no means interested in a show or movie about vampires.

This is different from most soundtracks in the sense that I doubt these bands have ever even watched the show. In fact, these are the last bands I’d expect to see on a show that appeals to teens with an affinity for pop culture.

Regardless of the above, they’ve really contributed to this soundtrack with some exciting, relevant, and original compositions. This is truly one of the better indie compilations of the past few years, as surprising as that may sound.

There are more great bands on this soundtrack than just about any soundtrack I’ve heard within the last year or two. From Muse and Thom York to Bon Iver and St. Vincent, these are just a few of the many accomplished artists and bands on the New Moon soundtrack.

There’s great songwriting, great guitar work, and a lot of music that basically sums up the current state of indie rock. I’m very impressed with this album on a whole, as are many well respected music critics.

If you’re willing to forget about the fact that this is actually the soundtrack for a teen vampire movie, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised with the result.

About the author: being a guitar player too, he’s also written about Guitar Superstars to detail the software that boosted his ability.

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