Goth Makeup – How to Get the Perfect Goth Look

The Goth culture centers heavily on appearances. From their clothing to their accessories, hair and makeup all of these come into play when you are trying to perfect a Goth look that doesn’t look cheesy. Goth makeup is one of the main features of this culture’s look. This is their way of expressing their personality. It is considered to be rather dark and a bit harsh in contrast to their pale white skins. But when done properly, it can be very beautiful and elegant. If you are just a newbie to the art of doing this look, then you’ll find the tips below to be very helpful with getting you started.

First, understand your face. What are your best features? I’m sure you want to enhance those. Is there anything that you want to focus the attention on? Understanding your facial features would provide you with a great foundation for picking out colors that you can use for your Goth make up.

Second, choose a Goth style that you want. Everyone knows that “Goth” is a general term and that there are variations to the style and each one is very unique. Are you a supernatural or a hardcore Goth? Or perhaps you’re more of a vampire which will have you using darker and richer tones. If you are the romantic version, you’re goal is to go for the classic look thus using softer tones of the dark hues. So before doing anything else, reflect on which style is more “you”. Look at which things interest you and see in which “group” they match.

Buying Goth makeup can be a little tricky. Not every band can provide you with the best coverage or the best shade. So to get to where you want to be at, you must experiment with a lot of different brands. You will learn which ones are the best through constant trial and error. There are really expensive brands that work great but don’t forget that some drug store brands can work just as well. So the best advice here is to either do a lot of experimenting yourself or ask your friends about which ones they use and ask them about how good the product is. Read makeup reviews online and on magazines.

Now, think about which colors you want. Besides the technique you will use and the part of your face that you’ll apply it to, the colors are an important factor too in achieving the look that you want. So think about which style attracts you the most. Do you like the dark look which uses a lot of heavy eye liner, pale white foundation as well as dark toned lipsticks? Or are you more of the romantic Goth makeup style and is more into the soft blacks, red lipsticks and soft eyeliner? There aren’t any rules to how you can do your make up. Play around with ideas and see which ones you like best. The best looks are the ones that weren’t copied and is something that you thought up on your own. The basic idea is to be unique.

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