Good Leads® Selected by Clientek as Partner to Expand Custom Software Development Sales Pipeline

Good Leads CEO Bob Good

Having worked with Good Leads on prior campaigns, they were the first and only call I made for a new campaign, said Kirk Hoaglund, CEO.

Good Leads® was selected by Clientek as a partner to expand it’s sales pipeline of clients seeking to evolve their product and software life cycle with agile processes. As a premium provider of B2B lead generation and outsourced business development services, Good Leads will source new business opportunities for Clientek throughout the United States and Canada.

Bob Good, CEO of Good Leads, in making the announcement, said, “We are pleased with being selected as a business partner to build Clientek’s sales pipeline throughout the U.S. Our technology-focused Prospect Builder® Program and methodology is well-suited to grow their base of opportunities through our discovery and qualification processes.”

“Having worked with Good Leads on prior campaigns, they were the first and only call I made for a new campaign. We re-engaged Good Leads based on their straightforward approach to lead generation. We look forward to Good Leads delivering quality leads for our custom software solutions services offerings,” said Kirk Hoaglund. Good Leads dedicated lead generation team will focus their efforts in a multi-sector approach, leveraging the success of their strong customer base.

About Clientek:

Founded twenty-five years ago in Minneapolis, MN, Clientek has engaged in more than 2,200 projects with more than 220 clients, ranging from small to very-large, all seeking innovative ways to evolve their product and software lifecycles. Clientek’s unique approach to solution development delivers faster time to market, high quality, predictability, and economical…

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