Gadberry Group Releases MicroBuild® Census v55 for Market and Location Analytics

Gadberry Group announces the release of MicroBuild Census v55, the latest version of the company’s premier geospatial and location intelligence (GLI) data product. MicroBuild Census is a unique and highly specialized consumer household-based GLI data product that provides the most current, accurate, precise and actionable view of the U.S. Population at all Census geographies. MicroBuild Census gives companies the ability to conduct more relevant marketing campaigns, select optimal sites and have more insight into their sales forecasts.

Gadberry Group applies their patented MicroBuild methodology to measure populations at the most elemental level – the consumer household. The result is a national Census-normalized dataset with exceptionally accurate and precise current-year household counts, population counts and household demographics for over 85% of the U.S. households.

This release marks the thirty-second release of MicroBuild Census since its launch over twelve years ago. From the outset, Gadberry Group’s mission has been to deliver the most current, accurate, precise and actionable data that’s not available with Census-based datasets.

Greg Reed, MicroBuild Product Manager said, “The release of this latest version of MicroBuild Census marks the continued commitment of our mission to design, build and deliver the best GLI offerings possible. The results offer valuable insight into the newest changes in the United States population.”

Because MicroBuild Census uses consumer information to measure population change at the household level, companies can make quicker and more informed decisions about their market areas. Analysts who use MicroBuild Census will know when a population shift occurs in terms of household/population counts, ethnicity, income, age and lifestyle, making them better…

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