Fyre Festival postponed after reports of Hunger Games-like conditions emerge – Entertainment

The inaugural Fyre Festival, a two-week music event promoted by celebrities including supermodels Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, was postponed Friday after attendees reported dilapidated accommodations, and top-billed performers pulled out of the Bahamas event.

The Coachella-like festival, set to run this weekend and next weekend on the Exuma Islands, was co-organized by rapper Ja Rule.

A promotional video for the Fyre Festival appears to promise paradise: outdoor concerts, yachts and jet skis streaking across lagoons with crystal-clear water, while young, beautiful models smile indistinctly at the camera.

Attendees were promised concerts featuring Blink-182, Mazor Lazer and more, treasure hunts for more than $1 million US in jewelry, and other prizes scattered across the island, as well as a feast of luxurious and exotic cuisine.

Tickets cost between $450 and $12,000.

Instead, hundreds compared the site to a battleground from The Hunger Games, and were housed in “disaster relief tents” and served bread and cheese in Styrofoam containers.

Posts on social media paint a scene of confusion and anger. Photos depict attendees’ luggage being dumped into shipping containers for storage, lockers without locks — all set against beaten, dusty grounds instead of postcard-friendly beaches.

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