Forte Research Releases 2017 State of the Clinical Research Industry Report

2017 State of the Clinical Research Industry Report

A key part of improvement lies in understanding the problem.

Forte Research Systems, Inc., an industry-leading developer of specialized clinical research solutions, released the 2017 State of the Clinical Research Industry Report, with findings from their recent industry survey. This free report takes a look at challenges and practices in today’s research industry, as reported by over 900 survey participants.

Forte received survey responses from individuals across the country that work for a variety of organizations, including research sites, academic medical centers (AMC)s, Cancer Centers, health systems, sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs) and more. Through this project, they identified respondents’ key operational challenges and learned how their organizations are currently addressing these roadblocks.

New challenges in an evolving industry

In the report, Forte examines new challenges arising amid a continuous evolution in the way clinical trials are conducted. Some findings revealed commonalities in the amount of reported pain associated with particular tasks. For example, one survey participant cited study startup as a particular challenge, “Often we discover small issues with study requirements of which we were not aware during study acceptance and preparation. This brings study activation to a screeching halt.”

Shree Kalluri, Forte’s CEO, Founder and Chief Customer Officer, stated, “a key part of improvement lies in understanding the problem.” Kalluri finds the survey data aligns with what Forte often hears from its customers about the need for collaborative solutions in clinical trials.

Centralization of systems is a key challenge Forte…

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