Flyfishing – A Sport Or A Form Of Art?

If you are a leisure fisherman, you most likely have some understanding about flyfishing even when you do not indulge in this particular style of fishing personally. Having said that, the vast majority of people that don’t catch fish for sport or recreation tend not to know a great deal at all about this certain method of hooking fish. Because of this, fly angling is surrounded by an air of obscurity for many individuals.

The American motion picture, A River Runs Through It, that was released in 1992 and starred famous actor Brad Pitt is founded on the semi-autobiographical book of the same name. The narrative, by Norman Maclean tells of two young boys growing up in Missoula, Montana in the nineteen-twenties. While much of the tale is about growing up, it is also about flyfishing. In both the movie and the book, the notion of fly fishing as a kind of calculated, yet lyrical, art form comes across really strongly. During the very first chapter of the book, the father of the narrator compares fly angling to a form of art by saying, “It is an art that is performed on a four-count rhythm between ten and two o’clock”.

Whether fly fishing is, in fact, a form of art is a matter for the theorists to talk about. Suffice it to say, neither Norman Maclean’s novel nor the movie version of the book have done anything to dispel the mystery surrounding this kind of fishing. Perhaps it’s because much flyfishing is conducted in out of the way spots like up in the mountains where the river runs cool and crystal clear and the bass flick their tails lazily in its watery depths that fly fishing has gotten a reputation for being a meditative pastime.

While species of fish may be captured employing a fly in saltwater as well as freshwater, the idea is still there that this is not the kind of angling you can rush. It takes patience and a readiness to wait for success. Needless to say, there’s time to reflect upon the meaning of living, the world and many other things whilst waiting. It…

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