Financial Poise™ Aires “Patent Application Drafting,” Ep. #1 of the Patent Best Practices; Insiders’ Advice 2017 Webinar Series Available Now Through West LegalEdcenter

Using outside counsel to assist in patent application preparation and prosecution is an incredibly valuable manner in which to generate and maintain a robust patent portfolio. Having patent applications prepared and prosecuted by outside counsel can improve short-term workflow management and provide many long-term advantages once a patent has issued. However, utilizing outside counsel can be costly, ensuring quality can be challenging and managing patent portfolios can require a balance of information not always available to all involved. Whether working with a small or large number of outside firms and whether they are small or large in size, this Financial Poise webinar series provides insight that will assist both inside and outside counsel in creating a more effective working relationship.

The first episode of the series is Patent Application Drafting (Register Here) and features host Eric Curtin of Crawford Maunu. He is joined by Piers Blewett of Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, Joseph M. Kuo of Arnstein & Lehr, and Sanjay Prasad of Prasad IP.

Managing the patent drafting process requires interaction among many parties, at the least including an inventor, outside counsel and in-house counsel or other management. This may expand to include multiple inventors, licensing and/or marketing input and different levels of management, both in-house and in an outside firm. Managing this group to achieve a high quality patent application that is accurate from the standpoint of the inventor(s) and related technologies, cognizant of current law and ongoing changes, relevant to a business purpose and efficient with respect to the inventor’s time, all while enabling outside counsel to remain profitable, can be challenging. This webinar provides…

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