FIFA Golden Glove Award Winners List of All World Cups

FIFA Golden Glove is the award which is given to the best goalkeeper of FIFA World Cup at the end of tournament. This award was earlier called as Yashin Award before 2010 with lots of changes in its name. The reason behind this name was to honor the late Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin. It was first awarded in the world cup of 1994. as Yashin award. Before this, the best goalkeepers were being listed on All star team. Goalkeepers are not eligible for golden glove award, they are also eligible for winning golden ball which is given to the best player whether he is striker, midfielder, defender of goalkeeper. Check out the list of all previous winners of this award which is now called as golden glove award.
FIFA Golden Glove Award Winner List

FIFA Golden Glove Award previous Winner List
FIFA World Cup GK Included in All Star Team
1930 Uruguay Enrique Ballesteros
1934 Italy Ricardo Zamora
1938 France Frantisek Planicka
1950 Brazil Roque Maspoli
1954 Switzerland Gyula Grosics
1958 Sweden Harry Gregg
1962 Chile Villiam Schrojf
1966 England Gordon Banks
1970 Mexico Ladislao Mazurkiewicz
1974 West Germany Sepp Maier
1978 Argentina Ubaldo Fillol
1982 Spain Dino Zoff
1986 Mexico Jean-Marie Pfaff
1990 Italy Sergio Goycochea
Yashin Award Winner
1994 United States Michel Preud’homme
1998 France Fabien Barthez
2002 Korea / Japan Oliver Kahn
2006 Germany Gianluigi Buffon
Golden Glove Award Winner
2010 South Africa Iker Casillas

Enrique Ballesteros was the player to win this award though it was known by other name in 1930. Thereafter, the award got new name called Yahin Award in 1994 & finally it got Golden Glove award as new official name. The Spanish captain Iker Casillas was the first goalkeeper who was awarded with this trophy with new name.

Based on the peformance, the technical study group of FIFA selects the best goalkeeper of the World Cup. So far, we have 19 best goalkeepers of each world cup which includes 14 goalkeepers included in all star team, 4 Yashin Award winner & one Golden Glove award winner by name.

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