FayeBSG Marketing Director Featured on Act-On Rethink Podcast

Jesse Heller, Marketing Director, FayeBSG

Jesse Heller, Marketing Director @ FayeBSG

Marketing Automation + CRM is like Thor’s Hammer.

Faye Business Systems Group Marketing Director Jesse Heller spoke with the Act-On Rethink Podcast team in an interview about The Benefits of Integrating Marketing Automation with a CRM.

As a SugarCRM Elite Partner, FayeBSG brings value to the Marketing Automation space with their expertise in Sugar Integrations and custom development. Additionally, Faye Business System Group is one of the top Act-On Consulting Partners.

FayeBSG is known for their breadth of SugarCRM Integration Add-On Products and custom software solutions, which include integrations with ERP software, Marketing Automation, Credit Card Processing, Project Management, Phone Systems, and more. Specializing in extensive multi-layered CRM, ERP and marketing integrations, FayeBSG concentrates on a wide array of high value software development and consulting services.

Listen to the show to hear Jesse explain the benefits of integrating marketing automation with a CRM such as:

-Empowers your sales team with visibility into everything marketing does

-Website visitor alerts

-List segmentation

-Building regional campaigns

-Hot prospects dashboards for CRM users shared throughout the sales org

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About FayeBSG

FayeBSG specializes in a variety of custom software solutions to meet client needs. Services include software development, project management, packaged software implementations, custom software implementations, integration, consulting, training, and support.

Known for their breadth of SugarCRM Integration Add-On Products and custom software solutions, FayeBSG has built…

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