Faro, The Easiest Way To Take Advantage From The Sun And The Sea

Faro is one of the main councils of Algarve, within the capital of the district of Faro is located the only international airport of Algarve and the second largest of the country that links Portugal to several european countries, making possible the entrance in Algarve of thousands of tourists a year.

Faro is also the capital of the sun, it is in the coast of Faro that most of the visitors pass the summer time, taking advantage from the beautiful landscapes of the city.

In the summer, the streets of Faro become full of visitors who wants to live unforgettable moments, so the beach of Faro is one of the most visited places of the council, but the attention is also divided among the islands of the Culatra, Deserta e Farol.

Our trip starts in Culatra, called the house of the sea devoted, so once we arrive in the Culatra we realize that there is a place of fishermen. The beach is a natural refuge of fishing embarkations, colored on the calm waters.

The island Deserta is one of the better conserved and fewer frequented beaches of Algarve, which attracts the visitors attention who are looking for peace.
The famous island of Santa Marias Cable or island Farol is the one that is located more to south of Portugal. Their limpid waters invite you to discovery a world of new experiences of the sea life.

Beside the natural point, Faro still has a great variety of historical monuments that tell the history of the council, one of these more appellatives places is the historical centre of Faro, where you can find a little of the traditional and historical scenery of the city.

Composed by the freguesias of Conceicao de Faro, Estoi, Montenegro, Santa Barbara de Nexe, Sao Pedro and Se, these two in the city of Faro, the council lives intensely with the inherent landscapes of the sea, from the day by day of the fishermen to the landscape and the regional gastronomy.

In the council you can visit the Arch of the Town, Bank of Portugal, Barns of San Francisco, Cerca Seiscentista, Convent of San Francisco, Convent of Capuchos, Small chapel of Nossa Senhora da Boa Esperanca, Small chapel of Santo Antonio, Small chapel of Sao Luis and Small chapel of Sao Sebastiao.

Continuing the religious side, you can also visit the Small chapel of the Pe de Cruz, Church of the Cathedral, Church of Santa Barbara, Church of San Francisco, Church of Sao Pedro, Church of Carmo, Church of Estoi, Church of Mercy and Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao.

On our way discovering the victories of the past, there are also the walls and the castle which are worth a visit, not to forget also the Episcopal Paco, Palacete Belmarco, Episcopal Seminar and the Theatre.

The history is contemplated in the Municipal Museum of Faro, Museum Marine Admiral Ramalho Ortigao, Regional museum and the Science Centre.

The council maintains a dynamics life, with the presence of several alternatives for who intends to seize the night. During the year, Faro is the capital of several events, as parties, fairs and pilgrimages. In this place, we find the easiest way to take advantage from the sun and the sea.

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