Exults Evaluates E-Commerce and Traditional Shopping Habits

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E-commerce websites are some of the more robust sites we build because functionality is critical. Even a mega store like Macy’s is lacking in usability across various platforms like mobile.

The retail shopping landscape continues to shift, a fact that is especially evident upon an examination of recent developments between Macy’s and Amazon. For over a century and a half, Macy’s has held a strong position as a leading retailer, but in a recent quarter, the giant reported a 39 percent decrease in net income.

While Macy’s tries to adjust its marketing strategy to keep up with online retailers, Amazon continues to rise to prominence. It is expected to soon become the number one apparel seller in the United States.

The reasons behind Amazon’s success are manifold. One is the focus on innovation. When Amazon began, it was nothing but a bookstore, but Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, wanted Amazon to become “the everything store,” which it has. With innovative programs like Amazon Locker, which lets residents in major cities such as London and Seattle pick up their packages at convenient locations, the company continues to appeal to individuals who lack the time and the will to shop at traditional retailers. Amazon even offers a suite of apps that make online shopping easy for consumers.

Amazon’s wide variety of products and its outstanding customer service are other reasons the online store has become so successful. While Macy’s has sustained their traditional ways and falls behind on keeping up with the digital trends, Amazon will continue to be the online retailer to set those shopping trends.

If traditional clothing retailers want to stay relevant, they should follow Amazon’s example in any way they can. For example, they may have to…

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