Excellent Fishing Spots in Ohio by Leonard Jameson

Ohio is home to some fantastic fishing spots. With all the water in the state, you are likely to find that you can go almost anywhere and catch great fish. If you are a resident of Ohio, it’s likely that you know a good fishing spot or 2 , but if you’re new to fishing then you’ll want to know where some great spots are.


If you are close to a river, you will find that it’s a natural place to do some fishing. You should be careful about what you catch & eat, because some of the fish you will catch aren’t considered safe for consumption, but if you’re going to be in it for the sport, or know what you are looking for, you can catch a fair meal.

Also, think about doing a little fly fishing on the Ohio River or any of the many others in the area. The Ohio Valley is full of flowing waterways & since you’re allowed to fish year round in a lot of areas, it may be fun to see what the colder waters of spring offer.


Additional popular fishing areas are lakes and Ohio has a lot to offer. The state of Ohio literally has lakes everywhere. This is good news for you if you are looking for a small place to fish or something nearby. Keep the rules and regulations in mind when you’re fishing though & ensure that you pay attention to the rules of what you should and should not eat when it comes to fish you catch in Ohio.

From smaller lakes to larger ones, you can enjoy fishing on most of them that are public land with a basic fishing license, so you won’t have to have anything specific. On a beautiful spring day, you can head out & find a quiet corner & simply let your line go. Enjoy the scenery, the smooth water and the fishing.

Lake Erie

Now, if you love fishing, then you must at least go fishing on Lake Erie at some point. Most people have to go on a charter fishing trip to do this, but this is where you catch the larger fish that make your dinner feel more like a feast. You will find that charters can be pricey, though, so they are best done in large…

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