ERL Announced Great Value Total Wireless Earphones with Robust Bluetooth Connections Developed by MIT Engineers for 2017 Christmas Season

Crispy, Dynamic Sound with Graphene Technology Unbreakable Bluetooth Connection developed by Electronics Research Lab (with engineers from MIT).

No skips. No drops. No compromise.

Electronics Research Lab (ERL) has just announced a new pair of wireless earbuds with completely overhauled antenna design that offers a robust bluetooth connection. No more skips. No more drops.

The ERL team, comprised of audio engineers (James Abbott, MIT PhD) and antenna engineers from MIT, has significantly improved bluetooth connection by completely redesigning the antenna layout around the exterior surface of these tiny earbuds, involving patented technology. During exhaustive tests, the Left and Right earbuds never drop a beat when working out vigorously or when transferring the phone in and out of pockets. The setup is also very quick and easy. The moment you take the earbuds out of the charging case, just press the button located on the outer face of the earbuds, and the L and R earbuds connect to each other in only one second. Next, choose to pair the earbuds to your phone, just as with any other bluetooth headphones.

While Airpods are selling for $159 and most other wireless buds are in the $99 range, ERL wireless earbuds are only $49 during its first week sale (37% discount from its original $79). A great bargain and value buy for this Holiday season.

This total wireless earphones market was pioneered by Bragi Dash and has seen an explosive growth with the introduction of Apple’s AirPods. The market sees a lot of potential as total wireless earbuds offer hands-free features and a great replacement for your traditional earphones.

These ERL earphones offer a tight seal in your ears with premium silicon materials that not only are sweat proof, but also allow for excellent bass and great sound-isolation with two 8mm drivers powered by Graphene-coated diaphragms. Graphene is a wafer-like thin layer of carbon, and it is the thinnest compound and the lightest, strongest, and best conductor of electricity. ERL drivers utilize graphene coated diaphragms that vibrate to generate more precise sound with ultra high fidelity.

ERL earbuds offer up to 4 hours of battery life and another 40+ hrs of playtime with the carrying case. ERL uses Bluetooth the whole way through between the L and R earbuds, instead of Near Field Magnetic Induction, which Bragi and others first used to establish a synchronized audio playback. By enabling this, the ERL team has been able to fine tune the Bluetooth antenna design and achieve a robust connection at a much affordable cost of $79 retail price – a much better value in terms of function and cost as compared to Bragi Dash and Airpods.

The ERL buds are also sweat resistant with an IPX4 rating. Each earbud also has a button; the right’s defaults to play or pause and the left’s defaults to Siri or Google Assistant.

With 4 hours battery life (40+ hours with carrying case), a remarkable fit, and top quality sound and antenna design from a team of experienced MIT engineers, ERL offers the first truly total wireless earbuds as the perfect gift for any workout enthusiast during this 2017 Holiday season. They are available on its official website:

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