Enterprise-Grade Color Quality Solution with Techkon USA’s ChromaQA V3

ChromaQA | Print Color Quality Solution

Techkon USA, the innovation leader in densitometers, spectrophotometers, and software solutions for the global print and packaging communities, announced today the release of ChromaQA 3.0, its new print color quality solution providing packaging and commercial printers with a very cost effective, and easy to use, set of tools designed to monitor the color quality of jobs on press, reduce the number of re-makes, and recognize a significant savings in ink and paper by detecting color problems early in the print production process.

ChromaQA 3.0 consists of a desktop client application that communicates with a cloud database to connect the ink kitchen, prepress, pressroom, and QA manager into a single unified workflow. Printers with a single press, multiple presses, and even multiple print facilities, can now remotely create, manage, and monitor customer jobs in real time.

ChromaQA is designed to support process colors, spot or brand colors, industry standard like ISO 12647 & Idealliance G7, and expanded gamut workflows. Print jobs are created using a wizard-like workflow to “walk the user” through the job creation process allowing them to create a color bar, define target color values based on customer requirements, set pass/fail color tolerances, and customize the reporting metrics they wish to see.

In the pressroom, operators are given specific, actionable, feedback to minimize color differences and meet customer color requirements on press. With a single glance, a user defined dashboard view allows press operators to see exactly the color information they want regarding job quality, suggested corrective actions, and even a composite ScoreCard feature with pass/fail results.

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