Engage Super League – A Glorious Competition



Super League is one of the most popular Rugby competitions of Europe. It is also known as the Engage Super League as it gets its sponsorship from the Engage Mutual Assistance. This championship usually takes place from February to October in which fourteen teams compete. Thirteen teams are from Britain and one is from France. The Wigan Warriors have been the champions of the League for quite a few years. The popularity of the tournament is immense, and the betting fever also grows along with the popularity. Rugby League betting is a common phenomenon for most of the big touraments.


The tournament started in the year 1996. The Super League is supposed to be a European tournament but most of the teams are from Britain. The French club, that is, the Paris Saint German had been part of the very first Super League tournament. But they left the League after the 1997 season. Following the departure of the French club, the Super league became a complete English venture. Most of the teams were based on Northern England except a London based team, that is, the Harlequins. In the 2006 season a French team joined again, called the Catalans Dragons of Perpignan. Later in the 2009 season, a team called the Crusaders also joined from South Whales.

The game rules

In the regular seasons of the Super League, each team has to play twenty seven games consisting of twenty seven rounds. The games are divided into thirteen home matches, thirteen matches away from the homeland and a game called the magic weekend that takes place in the Millennium Stadium of Cardiff currently.. Top eight teams of the regular season compete in the play-offs. The highest scoring teams play the finals like any other tournament. The final matches usually attract a large number of bookies for betting. Rugby League betting online is also upcoming.


Licenses were first introduced in the Super league in the year 2009 by the Rugby Football league for measuring the performance of the…

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