Elle Grey Stories Launches On Kickstarter

Elle Grey is doing something here…Something I wish someone would have done years ago! – Brittany M., mother of two.

These stories were written with a lot of love from a mother to her daughter, never with the intention that they would ever leave the walls of Elle’s home. They were meant to be private-a way to bond and teach her child, even if Elle were taken early in life. But here we are… Elle has decided that, while she wrote them for her daughter so that she can have a positive impact on her little girl, perhaps she could help all parents do the same thing for their children!

“It’s not always so easy to talk to our kids about certain things; it can be hard to find just the right words. The Elle Grey Stories are being shared so every family can have those ‘missing words’ to help guide, shape and protect the children in their lives! “ explains author Elle Grey.

There are thirty-nine stories, across four Collections. Each one is written in a fun, and often funny way, so as to engage our children in the story while teaching the valuable and unique lesson in each one- using vivid, yet simple illustrations!

Key Features:

The Growing Collection – The Growing Collection is being shared to help our kids build a better world for their future. Each story teaches different and valuable lessons as our kids “grow,” allowing parents to approach these, sometimes difficult topics, with ease and love

The Values Collection – The perfect way to help instill values in our kids all while having fun! These stories make values easy to explain, fun to learn and exciting to have!

The Emotions Collection – A collection meant to help our little ones through these giant things called emotions. This collection is focused on helping our kids, “talk about…

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