EHR Company Partners with Wicked Easy IT

It is more important than ever before to use an expert IT company to lock down networks to prevent intruders from gaining access to data, specifically medical data. When a network is properly maintained and monitored, doctors do not have to be overly concerned with having a HIPAA breach due to ransomware and other security threats since there is much less of a chance of an intrusion occurring. A large part of preventing a breach is staff education as well, since most breaches occur by user intervention.

This is why ICS Software, Ltd., an EHR company that has been in business since 1986 and serves thousands of healthcare professionals throughout the country has partnered with Wicked Easy IT. Based in historic Massachusetts, Wicked Easy IT LLC handles all aspects of I.T. management and support for medical practices and businesses in the Greater Boston area that rely heavily on technology: from network security to internet connectivity to email, email security, and encryption services. They offer security and compliance testing for HIPAA and 201 CMR 17 (Mass. Privacy Laws) as well. They also offer managed IT services, including IT support, backups, Microsoft Office apps via Office365, remote monitoring and management, and many others.

Wicked Easy IT is not your typical Managed Service Provider (MSP) — they have a special recipe that they bring to each client. That recipe consists of a strong process of applying standards that not only improve their clients’ productivity, but prevent a lot of reactive support issues. Because of this “special recipe”, their clients are loyal and stay with them for years because they appreciate the results Wicked Easy IT is able to produce. In fact, these results have made Wicked Easy IT known as the “King of Office IT Transformations.”

The company’s owner, Rob Rains,…

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