Dynemac Expands Commercial Services in Atlanta

Refurbished Macbooks & Used iPads

B2B Sales Increase At Refurbished Tech Distributor Dynemac

Dynemac is aiming to help more local businesses make the transition from Windows to OSX.

For decades, Windows devices were labeled as “business” computers while Apple products were regarded as “personal” devices. Until very recently, these distinctions shaped the way that businesses made technology purchases. Now that a new wave of millennials are entering the workforce, corporate IT departments are challenging this long-held status quo.

For the generation of employees that grew up with iPads and iPhones, the Apple ecosystem is second-nature. While Windows computers were previously heralded for customization and software compatibility, Apple devices seemed to provide a more accessible OS for younger audiences.

In IT departments across the country, this trend has sparked new conversations about technology in the workplace. “We are seeing a noticeable difference between the tech preferences of our younger employees and older employees,” says Jeremy Cavalli, director of the IT department at an Atlanta business. “Ten years ago, the clear option was Windows. Today, there is a growing consensus in the business community that Macs can achieve the same results.”

One business in particular is seizing this opportunity to expand its B2B division. Dynemac, a supplier of refurbished Apple products like Macbooks and iMacs, is using this upcoming market trend to expand its commercial operations.

With the hiring of network specialist Lawrence Williams, the company is aiming to help more local businesses make the transition from Windows to OSX. Traditionally, the company has focused on direct user sales, but has been receiving more and more inquiries in recent years about…

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